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Draggins Rod & Custom Car Club

This club is based in Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan


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Draggins Rod & Custom Car Club

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On October 3rd, 1957 the official start and first recorded meeting of the Draggins was held. Attending the meeting and paying their start up dues were: Ian Tiessen, Ian McDonald, Doug Feltham, George Kuenzig, Dwaine Downey, Larry Woodward, and Wayne McRorie.
The mandate was to promote their hobby as a safe and credible sport to the general public and that it would be a supporter of all types of motor sport. After the success of their first annual car show in 1961 and feeling a need to say thanks to the community for their support, the Draggins Car Club, began giving generously to charities.

On the Seventh Day, street rodders were created - energetic people who would drag an old wreck out of the bush with the incredible idea that they could make something special out of it.

After days, weeks, months, maybe even years, of thinking, shaping, fitting, rethinking, remaking, refitting and finally finishing: Ah! ...a special car is created, like an artist creates a picture or a sculptor creates a piece of art. In the course of all this, they discovered that this common interest could be pursued more enjoyably as a club than as individuals.


Honouring those who promote street rodding in Canada

Canadian Street Rodding Hall of Fame

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